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  • 10 hacks which will make cooking activity easier (and more fun!)

    10 hacks which will make cooking activity easier (and more fun!)

    Are you using cookbooks to improve your cooking? Have you found a cookbook that describes how to speed up cooking, I guess you have not, cookbooks do not describe tricks to speed up your experience in the kitchen, the really cool kitchen trick is not in anyone’s book. Here are 10 hacks that really makes…

  • Banana Oat Meal cookies (energy bars)

    I have tried a new homemade recipe for a sports bar, that I can take with me to refuel during a training session.

  • Sugar Detox Day 1 – Monday June 11th 2012

    My first day of avoiding refined sugar – my goal of this activity is to dampen my sweet tooth. The first day is always easy, I raised early and went for a 10km run.

  • Swedish Limpa Bread Recipe

    This is my moms special recipe for making Swedish Limpa. Ingredients 2 cups orange juice 1/2 cup butter 1 1/3 cups dark brown sugar 1/4 cup dark molasses 2 1/2 teaspoons caraway seeds 2 teaspoons anise seed 2 teaspoons salt 2 cups cold water 3 tablespoons yeast 4 cups rye flour (medium) 5-6 cups all-purpose…

  • Wanna get high off some white crystals?

    Try some organic sugar. When the alternative sweeteners like agave don’t quite fit the recipe, organic versions of a sweet tooth’s taste way better than artificial sweeteners, and fewer pesticides help sweeten the deal.

  • I am challenging myself to a sugar detox

    I have a very big sweet tooth and daily eat something that includes a large amount of sugar, specifically white sugar. I have noticed that I get these highs when taking candy or a cookie and then later I get very tired. So, I was told that I should cut out sugar to see if…

  • Ginger Papaya Smoothies

    Smoothies can make a delicious workout recovery snack, this recipe has the ideal ratio to speed recovery immediately after exercise. Dates are high in glucose, which makes them the perfect natural choice to re-fuel your body. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in recovery and helping to keep any inflammation under control.

  • Torbjorn Zetterlund: Control you sugar intake to get that six pack

    Torbjorn Zetterlund: Control you sugar intake to get that six pack

    I been training for years and I always had a bit of a stomach bulge filled with fat, it did not matter how often I trained or how much. I ate regularly mostly healthy food,  did cardio and strength training but my little bulge never changed, the rest of my body did. I looked over…

  • Hot Ginger Lemonade

    Stir all ingredients together. Drink warm. Ingredients 1 1/2 T ginger juice1 1/2 C boiling water1 T honey2 T lemon juicePinch cayenne pepper This recipe is from the Ginger People, www.gingerpeople.com

  • Make Your Own Energy Bars

    In the current turmoil, we as the consumer have to start preparing our own food and not buying ready-made. I have turned my attention on power bars, I eat a lot of power bars while doing my exercises, specifically while on my bike. Instead of buying power bars, I have started to make them myself.