Sugar Detox Day 1 – Monday June 11th 2012

My first day of avoiding refined sugar – my goal of this activity is to dampen my sweet tooth. The first day is always easy, I raised early and went for a 10km run.

For breakfast I had my usual bowl of oatmeal porridge, which I make from the water, I added a bit of cocoa for flavor.

Biked off to work – had a banana for a snack and a sandwich for lunch – the sandwich was made from homemade whole wheat bread – with tomatoes and peppers on it – I had another banana for my afternoon snack.

I took the long route home on my bicycle and try to push as hard as I could – clocked in at 15 km. For dinner I had chicken, pepper and potato stew – my wife tried to tease me as she had made a loaf of banana bread. But I survived the first day.


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