10 hacks which will make cooking activity easier (and more fun!)

Are you using cookbooks to improve your cooking? Have you found a cookbook that describe how to speed up cooking, I guess you have not, cookbooks do not describe tricks to speed up your experience in the kitchen, the really cool kitchen trick is not in anyone’s book. Here are 10 hacks that really makes you shine in the kitchen.

1. How to quickly soften butter
How often have you not pounded your head in the baking table when you remember that you forgot to take out the butter, how can you quickly soften butter. Step by Step! Heat up a glass by holding it in hot water and then place it over the butter. After a minute, it is at room temperature. Check out this video to learn how.

2. Make scrambled eggs directly in the egg shell
If you belong to those who dislike yolk in hard-boiled eggs, but think it is good in scrambled eggs? Tired of washing frying pan? Check out this cool hack that gives you the scrambled egg – in an egg shell! – Check out this video to learn how.

3. How to avoid a sauce to boil over
To prevent water, milk and sauces from boiling over, you can add a wooden spoon across the pan. The bubble is cooled down and punctured by the wood and returns into the pot instead of to seep over.

4. Stop Potatoes from germinating
It’s never fun when potatoes starts to grow small aliens (germ). Make a habit of keeping an apple along with the potatoes, that will help you getting your potatoes germinated.

5. …and to peel potatoes fast with this trick
Have you been in the situation that you need to get potatoes peeled quickly. There is a really clever trick that streamline the process considerably. Check out this video to learn how.

6. Learn to read the eggs
Test how fresh your eggs is by putting them in a bowl with water. Real fresh eggs stay at the bottom while an old egg will float up to the surface. Check out this video to learn how.

7. Fast way to make a grilled sandwich
Are you craving a grilled sandwich with melted cheese? Instead of waiting for the oven to be warm, put your toaster down and place a slice of bread with cheese in it. Voila – fast, easy and mess-free. Check out this video to learn how.

8. … or make the perfect bacon sandwich
You have cooked bacon wrong your entire life! Watch and learn how this, somewhat eccentric Russian is doing it and start doing it right!

9. Space limit kitchen
Lack of space on the kitchen counter? Pull out a cutlery drawer and put a cutting board over to create more space.

10. Peel 20 garlic cloves in 20 seconds
There is a quick and easy way to peel garlic, by shaking the garlic. Check out this video and you’ll understand why. Shake it ’til you make it!

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