Wanna get high off some white crystals?

Try some organic sugar. When the alternative sweeteners like agave don’t quite fit the recipe, organic versions of a sweet tooth’s taste way better than artificial sweeteners, and fewer pesticides help sweeten the deal.

Sugar sugar
Sugar (Photo credit: dhammza)
  • Wholesome Sweeteners Powdered Sugar – classic powdered sugar from sugarcane.
  • Aunt Patty’s Date Sugar – made from dates; a great alternative to brown sugar.
  • Maple Valley Maple Sugar – made using boiled-down maple syrup for a distinct maple taste.
  • Domino Organic Sugar – look for the organic version of this big producer\’s sugar in many supermarkets; made from sugarcane that\’s harvested and made into sugar on the same day, so it comes only from fresh crops.
  • Licious Organic Sugars – Line of organic sugars with four
    variations to enhance all recipes.

The Benefits

  • Fighting our pesticide addiction. As little as 1 tsp of the common herbicide paraquat, which is used on sugarcane crops, is a known toxin.
  • A healthier, more natural high. Those little blue, pink, or yellow packets contain ingredients such as aspartame and sucralose (which can lead to headaches and even depression), and a recent study links sugar substitutes to weight gain.

Most natural food stores (ie. Whole Foods) offer their own organic sugar versions too.







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