Torbjorn Zetterlund: Control you sugar intake to get that six pack

I been training for years and I always had a bit of a stomach bulge filled with fat, it did not matter how often I trained or how much. I ate regularly mostly healthy food,  did cardio and strength training but my little bulge never changed, the rest of my body did. I looked over my eating habits and how much sleep I got, the conclusion was that I was sleeping too little and had a high content over white sugar in my diet.

So I made some changes, I went on a sugar detox to stop my cravings for sugary things and I start taking naps during the weekends and go to bed when I felt tired. I noticed that my bulge is slowly going and I will have that six pack by springtime.

So what can you do to get a six pack, because everyone has one, the only problem is that it is covered by fat. There are no shortcuts, just hard work, you need to really work out often here are some suggestions.

Strength Training – This is the best workout to start burning of fat by adding muscles to your frame. More muscles give a higher burn rate of fat on a daily basis.

Cardio Training – A cardio exercise program can lift your mood, increase your energy levels and help you to burn fat more efficiently. It also helps the body circulate oxygen through the bloodstream and helps in burning fat as a fuel. A great way to improve your cardio is running specifically doing intervals, or do the spinning.

Eating – Eat regularly, your body works best with steady calorie intake. You should eat breakfast, lunch dinner and have a snack between breakfast and lunch and lunch an dinner. Do not skip meals as it causes your body to go into starvation mode – this means your body will conserve calories (hold on to them) and in turn slow your metabolism and you end up storing calories as fat. Stay away from refined sugar.

Conclusion – From my own experience white sugar was the main culprit of my having a stomach bulge. What? I did not understand was that white sugar contains a high amount of calories and tends to make your body purge the chromium of the eaten food. If the body has a low chromium level, it cannot carry out the fat burning process efficiently.

If you take my advice, stay of refined sugar, sleep well and keep active to increase your metabolism you should be able to see your six pack in a few months.


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