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Using FileZilla with Google Cloud Platform on OSX

I recently worked on a project to setup WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the setup of WordPress was straight forward in GCP with the Cloud Launcher. To be able to upload files to the server and change permissions I needed to setup SSH access and to configure FileZilla.

Scaling your RESTful API in CodeIgniter 3.X

I recently wrote about How To Work With RESTful Services In CodeIgniter 3.X – today’s topic is how you extend the CodeIgniter REST server to give your APIs better availability and reliability. If you’re already experienced sudden increases in API traffic that affects the quality of your service, then you want to read on as I will give some tips on how you can manage your API’s usage.

How to control WordPress Heartbeat API with WP Thor HeartBeat Plugin

How much do you know of what the WordPress Heartbeat API does to your site. Especially if you are logged in as admin and have your post page open. The WordPress Heartbeat API, introduced in WordPress 3.6 – allows your browser to communicate with the server when you’re logged into the WordPress admin panel.