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  • Does alcohol consumption have an impact on climate change?

    Does alcohol consumption have an impact on climate change?

    It is a great question, does alcohol consumption impact climate change? I would argue that what you drink has an impact on climate change. That does not mean you have to stop drinking, you can drink more or less climate-smart.

  • Torbjorn Zetterlund: Control you sugar intake to get that six pack

    Torbjorn Zetterlund: Control you sugar intake to get that six pack

    I been training for years and I always had a bit of a stomach bulge filled with fat, it did not matter how often I trained or how much. I ate regularly mostly healthy food,  did cardio and strength training but my little bulge never changed, the rest of my body did. I looked over…

  • The Pareto 80 – 20 rule in eating healthy

    The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few,  and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

  • Swedish Knäckebröd (Crisp Bread)

    More and more people are starting making their own bread, today I will provide you with a recipe for a Swedish style bread, back in Sweden we call it knäckebröd. If you have ever visit IKEA, you might have tried or seen a knäckebröd it is a crispy flatbread and goes well with soups and…

  • Choose plant-based meals

    Okay, this might not be good news for a lot of you turkey-lovers out there, but sometimes the truth hurts: meat, poultry, and seafood production are, in general, bad for the planet. Let’s take beef. Vast amounts of grain must be fed to cattle to produce even a small amount of animal protein for human…

  • Choose Fair Trade Bananas

    There are bananas, and there are bananas. The banana market is controlled by five large corporations – Chiquita (25%), Dole (25%), Del Monte (15%), Noboa (11%) and Fyffes (8%).  When you shop at the supermarket, how often do you think about where the food you eat comes from or how it was grown? Supermarkets today…

  • Choose organic, choose local, choose fair trade

    Try to incorporate as much organic food as possible in your holiday meal. Organic food is GE-free and grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. There are a number of third-party certifiers in Canada that certify products as organic. Look for certified organic food at the grocery store, at your local co-op, and at farmer’s markets.…