A Poem: Bridging the Climate Chasm COP28

In the desert’s heart, where sands do sway,
COP28 arrives at the end of November’s day.
Hosted by UAE, a land of glaring strife,
Where climate action falters in the oil-rich life.

A nation with plans to expand the fossil fray,
The third-largest, they say, in net-zero’s dismay.
The president of COP28, CEO in the fold,
Of state oil’s story untold.

A disturbing dance with climate’s foe,
Legitimizing actions that cast a shadow.
Petro-states and their discordant creed,
Stand opposed to the Earth’s desperate need.

A scientist, in the climate’s fight,
A target for deniers, their venomous might.
Since the hockey stick chart did appear,
The scientist been battling falsehoods, year after year.

Right-wing tech giants, once seen as green,
Now reveal colors, a troubling scene.
Political alliances, a troubling alliance,
To right-wing views and a growing defiance.

Social media, once a global space,
To discuss the climate’s urgent race.
Now toxic, a forum for denial’s seed,
Promoting what’s bad, making hearts bleed.

The worst petro state actors, a dubious role,
In the purchase of platforms, they take their toll.
A key backer of right-wing media’s flight,
Spreading denial, veiling renewable light.

Media conglomerates, their networks so vast,
Weaponized for denial, a climate die cast.
Attacks on renewables, a dangerous charade,
Serving the interests of petro states’ crusade.

We drive our cars, we take to the sky,
Enriching petro states as they watch us fly.
In this tangled web of power and greed,
The climate’s struggle is a dire need.

But in the face of darkness, we must unite,
To challenge falsehoods, to set things right.
For the Earth’s sake, we’ll break the chains,
And ensure a future where climate remains.






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