Torbjorn Zetterlund

Fri 19 2022

How To Spend Your Weekends To Ensure Proper Downtime

by bernt & torsten

Weekends are for relaxing. Unless your job requires you to work weekends, these days should be spent relaxing and unwinding. With most of us having busy schedules, it can be quite challenging to switch off and properly experience downtime. We always feel the need to be doing something. Yet, you won’t be able to start a new week feeling fresh and motivated if you do not get enough downtime during your days off. Hence, it is a good idea to seek some inspiration for how to spend your weekends. 

Whether you enjoy Sunday bike rides or playing music with your family, here are some top ways to spend your weekend to ensure proper downtime.

Play your favourite music

Everyone has their music taste and preference. It could be playing rock music or listening to soft jazz. Either way, playing or listening to music is a great way to escape and switch off your mind. 

You could use your weekends to create music, too if this is your passion. To make the experience more enjoyable and calming, getting all the essentials you need for your practice is a good idea. For instance, if you are a keen guitarist that enjoys playing alone but wants to add drums to their music, then getting a Beat Machine is a great tool to have. It is ideal for those that wish to add additional sounds to their music while they are playing a hand-held instrument, like a guitar. As it isn’t possible to play the guitar and the drums simultaneously, this tool will allow the same sounds to be created simultaneously while you can still play alone.

Wholesome exercise

You might exercise consistently throughout the week, or you might not. Either way, the weekends are a great time to fit in some wholesome exercise. This doesn’t mean getting sweaty in a HIIT class (unless that is how you unwind). This simply means enjoying some slow-moving and motivating exercise. 

For some, this could be a slow morning bike ride throughout nearby villages. For others, this could mean joining a friend in an evening hot yoga class. 

The weekend is a great time to enjoy activities and exercises that you do not have time for in the week. You should use the weekend to partake in wholesome and invigorating activities and relax. It can help you loosen your body and relax your mind.


Reading is a productive way to spend your downtime at the weekend. You could read to educate yourself or switch off. There are so many varieties of books to suit all tastes and preferences. 

Reading is good for the mind and the body. It will allow you to unleash your inner thinking, creativity, and imagination. Meanwhile, you can keep your brain active while allowing your body to rest. 

You can take your book(s) anywhere with you too. You can take them away with you if you plan to spend the weekend away. Or, you can take them into the garden to enjoy after your yoga practice. 

Call an old friend

You might often not keep in touch with those you love and care about. Although you might make time for your immediate family and friends, it is essential not to forget about your old friends. 

Therefore, you could spend time calling old friends during your weekend(s) to catch up. You might even make the time to meet them and do something fun. 

The weekends are a perfect time to recoup old friends and ensure you do not lose the connections that mean a lot to you. 

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Cook favourite dishes or new recipes

The weekend is also a perfect time to cook more. Although you likely cook throughout the week (unless you often go out or have frozen/microwave meals), you might not spend enough time enjoying the experience. 

Therefore, you can use your downtime to switch off the technology, remove an old recipe or a new one from a cookbook and rekindle your love for cooking. Whether you are cooking for yourself, your family, or an old friend, it is a great way to spend the weekend. Even if you are not a keen chef, you can use this time to hone your cooking skills and practice. 

Avoid too much housework.

The weekend can seem like the right time to get lots of housework done. Although it can be beneficial and invigorating to clean, it can sometimes wear you out. Hence, you will start a new week with a cleaner house but a tired body. If you want to start with more energy and motivation each week, then it is best to avoid doing too much housework. 

Yes, you can still potter around and get the essential tasks done. Or complete those dreaded tasks that you keep putting off. But, do not spend the weekend (or at least every weekend) cleaning your house from top to bottom, as you will exhaust yourself. 

Visit a local town/village to explore somewhere new

Wherever you live, you will have villages or towns nearby that you might not often visit. 

The weekends are a great time to explore these places and get out of the house to try something/somewhere new. You could even spend an hour looking around the boutique shops or having a wholesome coffee. Getting outside to explore something new is bound to help you switch off. 

Get creative

Lastly, a great thing to do at the weekend to switch off and attain proper downtime is arts and crafts. It doesn’t matter if you are not good at painting or making things, it is a bit of fun. 

You could sit in the garden and paint the landscape or revamp an old piece of furniture. Doing something artsy and hands-on will allow you to switch off from other things and unleash your inner creativity.