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How To Increase Your Business Sales By Merging Both Physical And Digital Marketing

There’s no doubt that most businesses are turning to online marketing strategies to increase their sales, and for good reasons. About 4.95 billion people use the online world. But while you cannot dispute the effectiveness of online marketing, you’ll be mistaken to think that physical marketing is no longer necessary. It remains an integral part of the age of digital marketing, especially when nearly 80% of sales happen in-store. But how can you strategize to get the best of both worlds? The answer lies in blending physical and digital marketing strategies with the help of the following tips.

Identify your target audience

Knowing your target audience, their demography, and purchasing habits will help you identify the medium they rely on for information. If you have more of your target demographic preferring to read newspapers and watch television rather than go online, opting for social media campaigns, for example, might not yield the results you seek. 

Suppose you realize that more of your target audience prefer social media, with a few resorting to print media. In that case, it will be better to invest more in social media strategies without ignoring newspaper ads. And if your target audience offers a combination, you can develop an ideal physical-digital strategy.

Develop a physical-digital relationship

Identifying, researching, and understanding your target audience will help you develop a physical-digital relationship. If you’re going to be successful at blending digital and physical marketing strategies, you need to develop an ideal strategy aimed at providing your customers with a complete sensory experience. Here is an example: customers can hear and see online products but cannot feel them. Physical marketing gives them the chance to touch, taste, and smell, helping you exploit that human connection. 

Also, define your digital and physical marketing goals to decide which area requires more investing. For example, if you’re trying to increase your online traffic, improving your website’s user experience offers may be one marketing goal. In this case, picking a web host that offers a faster loading time may be an excellent move. And speaking of increased hosting speed, WordPress users can visit https://nestify.io/wordpress-hosting/ to benefit from increased WordPress hosting speed with no downtime.

Audiences still source from communities and experiences

Here’s one shocking statistic you need to know — 79% of consumers will act immediately on a direct mail, while only 45% will do the same for an email. About 70% of consumers indicate that direct mails are more personal than emails in the US.

Modern savvy brands recognize that audiences crave communities and experiences. That’s why physical marketing through merch distributions and community building still play an important role in their marketing efforts. It’s great to do high-quality video content, podcasts, content marketing, etc., but you can create deeper brand loyalty through various physical marketing strategies. Plus, loyal customers are five times more likely to initiate repeat business. And you can use digital tech solutions to improve one-on-one relationships either in-store or through a personalized email list.



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