Why Physical Marketing Is Still Relevant

Älvsby bensinmuseum Sweden
Älvsby bensinmuseum Sweden

Lots of experts in the marketing industry thought that physical marketing would die in just a few years after the smartphone became a worldwide phenomenon. Little did they know, that physical marketing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, for some people, it’s a better way to reach a customer. It’s quite common nowadays for companies to have a mix of both. The only issue is, physical and digital marketing is often imbalanced in business. We pour a lot of resources and time into just online marketing and not enough into physical marketing. Here are some reasons to do less of this.

The sensorial impact

The impact on our senses from real-world marketing can never be replaced. Not even effective video ads can match up to the experience we feel when we are experiencing marketing in our lives. The visual impact for one thing is very powerful. To actually see something is to believe that it is real. We can see the vivid colours of a marketing poster, a stand or brochure. Secondly, we can touch it. It’s a real thing, making your brand feel real too. To flip through a magazine or a brochure, looking at your products and services, makes what is on offer feel like it is tangible, close to us, almost in our hands. 

Artifacts are important

When you go to a business conference and you meet your customers, giving them artifacts of your business is going to stay with them. These may be things like gifts. Perhaps your logo on a keychain, a sticker book that can be used on clothes, bags, vehicles, etc. a feeling of taking something away from the brand they have just visited and communicated with, makes it seem a lot more personal. 

Adapting to a green world

One of the reasons why so many people are against marketing in the real world is the waste associated with it. However, brochures, flyers, postcards and more, have all started to be made with greener solutions. It may be reused cardboard or perhaps plant-based paper. You can also prevent further waste by using https://www.action-mailing.com/data-services which will make your mailing list far leaner. You can stop sending mail to those who do not respond to the content sent to them. It limits your mailing list to just those who have shown signs of interest. 

People still read

Despite magazines, books and other readable content going digital, it doesn’t mean that people don’t want physical things to read. You may want to make your magazine that you send out every month or every quarter a little leaner. However, this should not dishearten you from making it in the first place. 

Physical marketing is still so relevant because it is sensorily stimulating. It has also become a lot greener and less waste is tolerated by companies who send out mail. Not to mention, memorabilia and artifacts still matter to loyal customers.

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