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Category: Software Development

5 WordPress AI Plugins du behöver för att veta

Artificiell intelligens (AI) finns ganska mycket överallt dessa dagar och blir mer genomgripande eftersom tekniken utvecklas. Regelbundna rapporter i nyheterna ger oss oroande exempel på sci-fi ambitioner och möjligheter för en dystopisk framtid. Detta är fallet från förra månadens UN varning om att robotar skulle kunna destabilisera världen genom krig och arbetslöshet.

How to control WordPress Heartbeat API with WP Thor HeartBeat Plugin

How much do you know of what the WordPress Heartbeat API does to your site. Especially if you are logged in as admin and have your post page open. The WordPress Heartbeat API, introduced in WordPress 3.6 – allows your browser to communicate with the server when you’re logged into the WordPress admin panel.

How to find a great developer

Last year I created this new website for selling software,, initially I did all the work of setting up and developing plugins. The site needs a lots of work, and I needed someone to code new features, as I spend more time on running the website then getting time for coding new functionality or fixing existing bugs. So I decided to hire a developer, in this article I’m share the experience of how to hire a developer.