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WordPress is starting to modernize by using JavaScript more and more. You may have seen the release of Calypso, a javascript-based app powering


The Calypso desktop app lets you manage all your and self-hosted WordPress site that uses the Jetpack plugin, in one place. No need to login to your WordPress admin to manage or add content, you can do it from your desktop, it will direct you to your backend for you to edit your plugins.

calypso - admin view

Calypso’s interface is built from the ground up as a single JavaScript application that relies on the REST API to communicate to the WordPress core.


Using Calypso I can manage all my sites from my desktop, I can publish new content to any of my WordPress website’s from one place, no need to jump to each website’s backend to add content.


Calypso moves away from MySQL and PHP, the new is a browser-based client for WordPress API, you can build any other application on top of it, using WordPress as your backend.


Calypso uses a thin layer of Node.js on the server to build the initial web page, and much of the logic is run in the client as a Single Page Application (SPA), leveraging many other open-source JavaScript modules. Calypso takes advantage of Facebook’s React view library and is influenced by other open-source work in the React community.

If you are a developer you can check out Calypso from the GitHub repository. Calypso is open-source and WordPress invites developers to fix or add something new, you just open a new pull request with your changes.



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