Willowdale Provincial Election 2007 – How i became a candidate

Provincial election in 2007 was my first run for a seat in the Ontario parliament, my candidacy came through turning up at a nomination meeting, there was four of us and the elected candidate informed us that she was not going to run and that we have to find someone else. The meeting was held in a pub and the three of them turn towards me and said, do you want to run, we have elected you the new candidate. Dosed by a few beers, I tried to get my brain to clear but somehow out of my mouth came, sure I do it.

Before I new it I was the new cnadidate for the Green in willodale, I was involved with the greens at the time as the CEO of the Willowdale Green Party of Canada not the provincial party. The next day I realized what I was in for, I was going to meet the Part Leader of the Green Party of Ontario Frank De Jong, I was thrown in to the heat of things and I was not prepared. But what I learnet form the election, you need to flexible and not be stuck in your ways, becasue you will not gain the experience to excel in life on your terms.

In the election I faired very well, I did not win but I trippled the voters in my riding which I am very proud off,If I get the change agian I will do it all over again.

Read more about the election results at Toronto Star

The Star Election Candidate Torbjorn Zetterlund


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