Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 08 2020

Why you should accept micro currency on your website?

by bernt & torsten

With the advancement of technology, more and more transactions are happening online.

The consumers can now buy their favorite products and service through their smartphones at a convenient time. As the number of online transaction increases, the user of micropayments is getting much more prevalent form of small online payment for supporting the online communities.

Creating a microfinance payment system for your website prevents multiple external transaction fees and process. It adds a form of virtual currency which is essential to achieve eCommerce success, especially for on-site transactions.

The use of micropayments is increasing, and thus, there are several micropayment solutions available in the content management system. The secret key is to find out the right micropayment solution for your website which address your requirements.

Ways to use micropayment solutions in WordPress

There are many ways of accepting micro currency on your website with the help of content management solutions. Some of the best practices are described below:

  • It enables you to create a virtual payment solution to facilitate community interaction.
  • It creates a management system which is compatible with on-site transactions for large eCommerce sites.
  • It even helps you to add a system for downloading and uploading files for writing questions and answers in your website forum.

Top microfinance solutions that will rule 2020

The following are the top microfinance solutions that are going to increase this year.

CoinTent Paywall

It is an excellent free plugin which enables you to sell all types of content with both subscriptions and micropayments. It provides a quick and secure checkout with different payment gateway. You can set weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription and create a digital wallet to store micropayments.


It is a simple plugin which provides access to paid content. The users can access pay-per-view content, blog posts and can download their favorite published contents. It supports dozens of currencies from the globe.


It has secure payment files and excellent compatibility. It offers dynamic pricing schemed for micropayments, enabling your users to add price curves that change over time.


It is an excellent micropayment solution for small business and visual content users. It is effortless to integrate a very much responsive. It offers subscription plans, single transactions, one-time access and other features for the users.

CM MicroPayment

It fully supports in-site transactions and integrates well with WooCommerce. It has easy digital downloads and different payment gateways. The sales are fast, easy and secure.

Top features of micro currency app

Below are the top features that can change up the game of your business with a microfinance app.

Easy payment and checkout

With the help of micropayment app, you can save your users from the hassle of running back and forth between the mobile payment platforms for every online transaction. The can make all their purchases without leaving your site.

Make your micro currency for your customers

The microfinance solutions help you to create your virtual currency which your users can use as a point of the system. You have the power to define its points value for cash value for any national and international money that you like. You can consider 100 points as $1 and so on.

Enhance community engagement

The micro currency app is a great way to boost customer engagement for your business. You can create reward programs for encouraging your customers to earn more points. The higher the points made the more engagement and purchases they can conduct on your site.

Users convenience

It enables your users to pay the way they want to without ever having to leave your website. With just a few clicks, they can easily integrate with the micro currency app to connect with the payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay and many others.

Micropayments across multiple sites

With the numerous license package, your users will be able to make micropayments and access their virtual wallet with the same credentials across your entire network.

Tracking payments

Your users can track their payments and can even check out a graph of their spending on the micro currency app. You can keep yourself updated and in the loop by sharing the transactions reports with the users.

Transferring virtual currency

Your community, as well as your customers, will be able to share and transfer your created virtual money between one another. They can even share a shortcode which can easily make direct transfers between them.

Customize the microfinance solution

You can create a custom microfinance solution for your community in accord with the way your users want to. You can even integrate your customized plugins and themes which add countless possibilities.

Multilingual support

You can have a multilingual app for your international users. The frontend labels can be easily changed to any language, enhancing a better user interface for your mobile app.

Final words

While there are many micropayment solutions available in the market, it is essential to find the right option for your business. The microfinance payment system is responsive, customization and offer a variety of payment options for online transactions.