Who is the Evil Empire today?

That is a loaded question, but you can take a guess at it, after reading these points.

1. World Bank creator creates money to rich resource 3rd world nations so they can become prosperous.

2. 3rd World Nation must use their money.

3. New 3rd World Nation Money created by the World Bank draws interest to the World Bank.

4. Gigantic Money loans of newly created dollars must be repaid to the World Bank plus interest.

5. Interest is a “money” charge for the use of money, that can never be repaid, so the World Bank can aquire the 3rd World Nations oil, metals, gas, opium, timber and water resources.

6. Only the World Bank creates money.

7. Money borrowed from the World Bank to pay interest becomes sledgehammer principal to 3rd world nations.

8. Borrowing to pay interest increases debt and the loss of the 3rd World Nation’s oil.

9. Increasing debt, increases interest due.

10. Increasing interest due, increases debt.

11. Debt compounds until the World Bank stops creating.

12. No more creation, no more interest payments can be made., and the western military arrives.

13. No more interest payments, World Bank bankers foreclose, western military invades and occupies and owns the 3rd World Nation’s oil.

14. World Bank collects all the wealth and 3rd World Nation becomes a western vassel forever.

15. The 3rd World Nation People are left with all the paper and ink and down power lines and raw sewage running in the streets.

The question to you: who’s in charge of the World Bank right now?


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