who is in his right mind to

gets up at 6 on a Saturday morning, leaving beautiful women in a warm bed – cycles to the Amsterdam Central Station to catch a train to Bussum Zuid, cycles from Bussum Zuid to Huizen to participate in the 28th edition of the Oostermeent Triathlon Huizen – go through the pain of an Olympic distance triathlon on a very windy and cold day in June –  the water(18c) was warmer than the air (11c) temperature – the start of the swim.

finish the race after the poorest bike ride ever, cycle back to Bussum Zuid to catch the train to Amsterdam, and cycle from Amsterdam Central station back home to the warm bed. That is how I spent my Saturday – Yes, I had a shower before I got back into bed.

Next Saturday, I’m doing it again, the difference is that I do not need to take the train, the race is in my neighbourhood – I’m participating in the Triathlon Amsterdam Nieuw West.






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