Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 19 2022

What Every Construction Business Owner Should Be Doing

by bernt & torsten

Owning a construction business is a great line of work to be in. You’re doing what you love and are in charge and calling the shots. However, this position also comes with a lot of responsibility and liability.

If you’re new to the industry or just starting out and want to succeed then you must focus your time and energy on the right areas. There’s some advice about what every construction business owner should be doing that will help you better navigate your role and the industry. It won’t be long before you’re taking on more work and figuring out the best way to grow your business.

Defining A Niche

Start by defining your niche and knowing what you’re good at and where you have the best chance of excelling. If you’re in the construction industry, research your local market and figure out what your competitors are up to and where you can fill in the gap. Determine your value proposition and write down all the reasons why a customer should hire you over the other options. Know your strengths and what areas you want to focus on, and then communicate the right messaging to the right people.

Preparing for Each Project

Every construction business owner should also be preparing for each project. You need to ensure you’re ready to go when the time comes to get started building and creating. Take inventory of your equipment and parts and load up on red diesel fuel so you’re ready to go when your project takes off. Go through your inventory and all your equipment and know what items you’ll need by when to avoid delays and setbacks. It may help to invest in project management and inventory software, and staff that can help you succeed in this area. You’ll also need to consider whether you’ll be handling things like cleanup at the end or if you’ll need to point your client towards someone like this company offering construction clean up in Pickering, ON, who will be able to come out and get this sorted. 

Marketing & Spreading the Word

If you want to gain more clients and take on more work then you must be proactive and put yourself out there. Focus on marketing both online and offline and find effective and modern advertising ways to spread the word about your construction business and your specialties. There’s too much competition out there to rely on hope and chance alone that you’ll gain more clients. You may want to not only launch a Facebook business page but also put decals on your trucks and vehicles so that people see this information when you’re driving around town.

Reviewing Customer Feedback

Your quality of work remains king when you’re in the construction business. If customers aren’t happy with the outcome and final product then you risk your reputation taking a nosedive. Take the time to review customer feedback and figure out what you’re doing right and pinpoint areas for improvement. Every construction business owner should be reviewing customer feedback and identifying what the team can be doing better. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely it is that other people will hire you and want to work with you. Be sure to address complaints or concerns right away so that they don’t turn into larger issues that negatively impact your business.