Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 15 2021

Modern Ways You Can Use for Advertising

by bernt & torsten

Advertising is the act of calling public attention to someone’s products or services. It is the activity where you produce advertisements for commercial products or services. Advertising is a way of marketing where you employ an openly sponsored, personal or non-personal message to promote an idea, service or product.

There are several ways of advertising which can be categorized into modern and traditional methods. Due to the growth in technology, people are moving towards modern forms of advertising since they have proven beneficial to many businesses. This blog post will discuss several ways of contemporary advertising.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing. When visiting websites, you notice many advertisements. When searching things online, you will likely see ads on search engines. All these are ways of digital marketing.

You can also use online platforms like advertising on Pandora. These online platforms help you boost your advertising methods and enable you to convert more leads. Besides, advertising through media allows you to reach a greater target audience.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the significant ways of modern advertising. It is where we say you are the boss. You can control your advertising on your phone. Mobile advertising is rapidly evolving, and it will dominate with time as almost everyone gets connected to a mobile device.

Mobile advertising also entails advertising on personal social media platforms. Thus, it enables you to use modern business strategies like advertising on Facebook or Instagram.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is not new, though it has modernized the strategies. You find that compared to traditional billboards that were just plain, the current billboards are live and catchy. Their lighting is also improving, which captivates customers even using 3-D gimmicks.

Outdoor advertisements are for attracting outgoing customers. They motivate customers to get interested and make them want to see more of the products or services being advertised.

Product Placement Advertising

This modern advertising mode entails promoting branded products and services within a show or movie context. When enjoying a movie, you may come across branded things, for instance, some cars in films or the actors mentioning some stores and clothing brands, then that is product placement. The products are put in shows for promotions.

Most firms get funding from product placements. This mode of advertisement is also growing and is working out well for businesses and companies. Brand ambassadors also do product placement on shows and social media platforms such as YouTube videos and Instagram.

Promotional Advertising

Promotional advertising is also a modern advertising method with a great outcome. It entails the use of promotional media events or giving away items. This method draws a lot of public attention, which is a plus for the business. 

Public Service Advertising

Public service advertising is a way of advertising that is not direct. Instead, public service aims at educating and advising more than selling directly.

So, for example, you find health practitioners having online shows to advise people on how to live healthy lives and educate people on health-related matters such as the pandemic. 

When people watch and learn, they are likely to be motivated to visit the health centre from which the practitioner is from or instead buy the drugs the health practitioner advised.

In conclusion, modern advertising has made it possible for businesses to reach out to target audiences. It also gives your business an added advantage since you will likely get and convert more leads through advertising.