Welland Triathlon 2010

Just finished the Welland Triathlon, I placed 127 out of 233 competitors, among the men I was 127 out of 142, so I have some work to do moving up the ladder.

Here are my results

Finish time 1:58:47, very happy with this.

In my age group TM50-54 I ended up 10/15, have to improve on this, not to happy. I should be up there at the top 3 in my age group.

The swim is my Achilles heel, I ended up 197 out of 233, not good enough for me, my swimming time over 750 meter was 17:50 that is 2:23 – per 100 meters, need to get under 2 minute per 100 meters, need to really hit the swimming pool to work on the speed.

I have a problem with the transition time, between swimming and biking, it took 2:23 and between biking and running it took 1:53, need to practice to get better.

Happy with my bike ride today did 30 Kilometer in 52:55 or an average of 34 km/h, that is great as I am biking on a 25-year-old aluminum bike, I do not think I can do much better on a carbon or on a Tri Bike, but I can be wrong as I never tested one.

Then we get to the run, that has been another weak spot for me, I can not get the speed that I get when I only do a road race, completed the 7.5 kilometers‚ run with a time of 41:13 or 5:30/kilometer, I need to get under 5 minutes per kilometer, lots of work, but I will get under 5 in the future.

My next race is the 10 miles, Acura Toronto race on July 11th, time to work on the speed.

My next Triathlon is in Bala, Ontario on July 25th.





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