Torbjorn Zetterlund

Fri 20 2015

View all your cloud services with Jolicloud Drive

by bernt & torsten

If you read this you are probably already using cloud-based services, maybe you using Dropbox to upload your files to, or maybe you are using Google Drive at work. Maybe you have many different cloud-based accounts, you spend extra time to use each of your accounts. There is a solution to this, a service that allows you to view all your cloud services in one place.

The service I’m referring to is Jolicloud Drive. Jolicloud is a European company based in Paris France, with Jolicloud Drive you can view any of your other cloud services in one place.

Jolicloud Storage - Google Drive

You are not limited to only cloud base drive, you can backup your music, photos, videos, news, and social content. This makes Jolicloud Drive the best option out in the cloud to connect and browse all your online content from one place, just like you used to do with your computer before. Having it all in one place makes it easy to search for your digital content.

Jolicloud News - Feedly
Jolicloud News – Feedly

I like it, it is very easy to set up and use, I only need to login to my Jolicloud account to view the content I’m interested in. Have a try the Basic account is free and allows you to add only one account per service if you upgrade to Pro the cost is 5 Euro per month, for that you can connect multiple accounts from the same cloud service.

With the Basic account, you can organize and move files within a service, with Pro you can organize all your cloud storage in an instant. Never delete files again, just drag and drop them to another service where you have more space. The service is secure using https:// which allows the connection between your service and Jolicloud to be secure, no eavesdropping here.

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