Torbjorn Zetterlund

Tue 11 2021

UX Design Tips to Create Apps People Love to Use

by bernt & torsten

Building an app can help your business reach a variety of goals. For some businesses, the app might be a central part of what they are trying to achieve. 

While a digital strategy agency can help you dig into things like user research, analytics, and market research, there are UX tips that can be vital for any app. By following the UX tips in this post, you can build the types of apps that keep users coming back.

Make it Intuitive

Users do not want to feel like they are learning a new skill when they open your app for the first time. Through experience with the platform and other apps, users have certain expectations. If you want to build an app that people will love, you need to lean into these expectations and build an app that is intuitive.

When users open your app for the first time, the user interface should feel familiar. They should be able to look at the screens and instinctively know how to perform the basic functions. Navigation should also be intuitive. Users should be able to find their way to different screens without having to experiment.

Remove Obstacles

One thing any digital strategy services company will tell you is that you should eliminate as many barriers as possible. You don’t want users to feel like you are making them jump through hoops to use your app. You also do not want them to feel like there are too many steps to achieving their goals.

As one example, you shouldn’t make people sign-up for an account just to browse your app. Many people will not want to sign up for an account until they know they like the app. If we are talking about a shopping app, let them browse and then only ask them to set up an account when it comes time to make a purchase.


If you are working with a brand strategy services pro, they will tell you that you need to display branding in the app. Along with adding your logo to different screens, make sure to include brand messaging. If your branding has a color scheme, you should also try to use the color scheme throughout the app.

Help Them Out

Intuitive design should take most users pretty far, but there might be some features, functions, or goals that require a little more help. If you want users to enjoy using your app, you should make it easy for them to find the help they need. 

One way to do this is to create a help page. It could have a basic FAQ section to answer common questions and you could also offer walkthroughs for different processes. Beyond that, you should make it easy for users to access customer support through the app.

Don’t Overload on Features

Another tip you will get from a digital strategy agency is that you should only add the features your app needs. Unnecessary features can complicate the app for users and it might distract them from their goals. Things like voice commands and augmented reality can be great when they add value, but you shouldn’t include these features if they are not needed. 

Listen to Users

If you are not collecting user feedback, you are missing important opportunities. First, user feedback is valuable. The feedback can be used to find what users like and what they don’t like about your app. This information can then be turned around to help you improve the experience moving forward. 

Furthermore, users want to leave feedback. If you are not listening, they will feel like you do not value them. Offer ways to leave feedback and make sure to respond. Let them know that you are listening and that you value their opinions.