Use Case: How to connect your company blog using RSS, Buffer and IFTTT

If you have a lot of social media profiles to update, you’ve likely figured out quite a few time-saving tips. Here’s one use case involving Buffer, Company Blog, and IFTTT.

  1. First, make sure your company CMS platform has an open RSS feature.
  2. If your company CMS platform allows for creating multiple RSS feeds then segment the content into separate RSS feeds. That way you can target a different audience depending on what your company target market is.
  3. Create an IFTTT recipe with your RSS Feed and Buffer. It’ll work like this … If you take one of your RSS feed with Tag A, THEN add the story to Buffer Profile A, using this particular message style.

The advantage if you have a busy day is that setting up this type of automatic task lets you get time to do other things.



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