Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sat 23 2014

Tomorrow is race day in Stockholm

by bernt & torsten

Tomorrow is race day in Stockholm, I will be starting in the Triathlon Stockholm – it will be an early night for today as I start at 8:00, I have to be at the event about 90 minutes before the race, getting there from my current location I will have to ride my bike 20 km in to the start of the event.

I found a Decathlon store in Stockholm, as I’m riding one of their bikes a Triban 3, had a few spokes repaired, fixed the derailleur – change to race tires ready to go.

Decathlon Stockholm

I have not had the best preparation, have not been able to train swimming due to shoulder problems, I’m just putting it all in one race here, if I can get out of the water I should be ok, and should be able to ride and run, it is not all without small injuries either, I have some busted ankles, I did a test run today, did not give me any pains, fingers cross.

busted ankle

I also have a busted lower left arm which I hit on a curve after a stupid fall I had before leaving Amsterdam. The lower arm issue can cause me issue on the swim and the bike ride, did not feel to bad riding from Amsterdam to Stockholm with the problem, a few times I had pain – not to bad. I have to go for it as I have come such a long way to get here.

Today I was in the old town Stockholm and watch the World Triathlon Series Stockholm race to get some inspiration – and to collect my starting number. I’m now ready to go.