Three Factors Determine The ROI Of Project Portfolio Management Tools

Oracle Fusion Tap - Project Portfolio Management
(Photo credit: Oracle_Photos_Screenshots)

Project portfolio management (PPM) discipline has remained a significant effort in organizations of all sizes. Both inside and outside of IT, leaders are turning to PPM to better capture, manage, prioritize, and align investments and resources with the hopes of increasing the amount of business value they can provide.

Organizations are choosing to implement PPM software solutions to provide a tool base for this objective. Almost anyone who has looked into the return on a PPM software investment has seen massive triple-digit returns advertised by these vendors. But is it true? The answer is, “Yes - it can be.” A Total Economic Impact (TEI) analysis shows that a comprehensive PPM tool investment is likely to provide an ROI of more than 250%, whether delivered on-premise or via software-as-a-service (SaaS).

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