I thought I could be an artist using AI

With many artists in my family, I thought I could try out to be an artist with a twist, I took the help of technology to create a few pieces of art (I wonder if you can call it that).

I thought I find out what kind of Art I could create from some of my photographs. Google uses an artificial intelligence program that looks for patterns, in order to sort and categorize images online.

Google opened the source code up to developers under the name “DeepDream,” a few websites have sprung up that allow you to upload pictures and have them processed to output some dreamy pictures.


I used Google’s Deep Dream – Online Generator to test it out. The first picture that I added is from two cyclists racing down a road. What do you think?

Why do you not try yourself and produce your own psychedelic images with the Psychic VR Lab interface and Deep Neural Net Dreams? All you have to do is upload an image and wait for the code to transform into some kind of surrealist nightmare. Then post your creations to social media with the tag #deepdream.


I created in a total of 4 dream images. It was easy to use the  Deep Dream – Online Generator  – just upload a file and let the generator do the job for you.


My next image, I call Departing, as it was a picture taken from a cemetery and you can see how spirits are departing.

The path

Having more fun, I took a picture from a cycle path and gave it a go with the generator. I called this one The Path – it shows how you can follow your dreams and follow a path to the goals you set for yourself, at least my take on it.

The Dream Generator is a platform where you can generate photos and images using a powerful AI algorithm called “Deep Dream”.

Enjoy – if you have time on hand, you could try for yourself at Deep Dream – Online Generator. What I’m struggling with here is can you call it art, or is art anything that you want it to be.

How to generate a Deep Dream image:

  • Go to the Dream Generator page
  • Enter a title for your dream
  • Upload an image you would like to transform
  • Select settings of the transformation
  • Click the “Generate” button

How to “Go Deeper” into the dream:

  • First, you need to generate a Deep Dream image
  • Then use the “Go Deeper” button on top of the dream image
  • Select settings for the new transformation
  • Click the “Generate” button

How to generate a Rare Deep Dream:

  • First, you need to generate a Deep Dream image
  • Then use the “Go Deeper” button to go deeper into the dream till you reach Dream Level 6
  • For each time you go deeper into the dream you increase the dream inception depth and win inception points
  • When the level inception points are enough you level up

My final pictures are named pollutants showing cars on a draw bridge.

I’m interested to hear your view on what art is.



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