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The Colorful World, Of ‘Design’

If ever there was a leading title to a post or article, then it has to be this one. Because the subject matter in and of itself lends itself to endless possibilities and innumerable professions, occupations, hobbies, and careers.

Design. What does that mean? When we break it down to the dictionary definition (stay with us here, we’re about to have a lot of fun), it means:

verb (used with object)

to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), especially to plan the form and structure of:

to design a new bridge.

to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully.

verb (used without object)

to make drawings, preliminary sketches, or plans.

to plan and fashion the form and structure of an object, work of art, decorative scheme, etc.


an outline, sketch, or plan, as of the form and structure of a work of art, an edifice, or a machine to be executed or constructed.

organization or structure of formal elements in a work of art; composition.

With thanks to the fine folks at www.dictionary.com.

One would think that the world of design begins and ends with these somewhat boring, mundane definitions of the word in varying contexts. Ugh! 

Think again. We’re going to show you how you, as a working mom, a stay-at-home-mom, or a mom that just wants a little more on the side, can create an invigorating, exciting, and financially rewarding pursuit in the world of design – and all of the fabulous elements that that word comprises and covers.


The #1 spot in this ranking is always going to have something to do with the online and or digital environment, with so many companies now working from home and outsourcing their web design and social media functions, an entire industry has sprung up from enterprising and creative individuals to address that need.

The numbers are simple. One person acting as a digital Czar can work for multiple companies at the same time, which means that the overall cost to each of those companies is greatly reduced without having to sacrifice quality (assuming you know what you’re doing, of course – and that’s kind of the key here). If you are not the type of person that can do this work, then don’t. You can cause a lot of damage to a companies reputation if you are not properly skilled in navigating the digital and online creative environments.

However, there is a whole world of resources available to you if you’re thinking of taking this particular plunge. Online sites like ​​https://setapp.com/apps/asset-catalog-creator-pro will provide you with a treasure chest of resources when it comes to design apps, apps that help you manage creative projects, and more.


A regular hot pick for creative women who also have to manage homes and raise children is the field of interior design. It seems like it’s a ‘luxury purchase’ but for more and more families across the United States, the value in harmonious homes is starting to gain real traction – and that’s because there’s an awful lot of science behind the idea of home design. Home spaces 

that reflect our personalities, lifestyles, and family values are highly prized in the field of mental health and psychology and now that we’ve all had the benefit of spending a LOT of time at home, many of us will understand what this means.

Not everyone is naturally blessed with the acumen required to understand spatial reasoning and the importance of juxtaposed color to create effects and emotions. So, if you’re off the emotional intellectual (and creative) sort – then this could be a fascinating and very lucrative option for you in the world of design.


Yes, – really. This is a thing now, and more women than ever before are getting in on the action. Especially in the design of the graphics and animation. Gaming is “coming out” from basements and is becoming a globally recognized ‘sport’, it is not going to be much longer before gaming becomes an Olympic sport thank you very much, and this means that the field is only going to get stronger, more lucrative – and more competitive, and the best part of it all? You can learn the skills you need to understand the programing language necessary for the design element at home and if you have the aptitude for it – it can even be self-taught.

Now, the field is competitive so you’re going to need to work on your craft to get really good at it before anyone will cut you a check – but when you do get to that coveted level, expect six figures without too much effort.


As the world is returning to work in circumstances that are as yet not entirely perfect, a whole new field has developed – corporate space design. This means the actual workspace within offices, that allows for safe and healthy office work to continue mid pandemic -and post-pandemic, and post-post-pandemic…and whatever happens after that. Take a look at this company in South Africa and see what they do, it’s very interesting work and a field that is relatively virginal.

That means that if you get in on it in your local area now, you’re probably beating a few people to the post. You’ll need to know what local regulations are in terms of spacing and social distancing as well as sanitization requirements and such, but once you’re in the good books with the legal folks, the only limit will be your imagination – and your client’s budget. What makes this thought very exciting though, is that because virtually no one is doing it (yet), you can make a big splash if you’re from a smaller location outside of a major urban setting.

Ladies, the word is out – design encompasses fields and options that you may not ever have thought about, but as you’ve just learned, with a little out-of-the-box thinking, you can carve yourself a very lucrative profession. So get your thinking caps on!

Good luck!



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