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  • Three climate legal cases that give the world hope

    Three climate legal cases that give the world hope

    Courts and activists are becoming increasingly important in stopping climate emissions when politicians are unwilling or unable to do so themselves. Here are three recent examples of a new development that gives hope that the goals of the Paris Agreement can be achieved despite the enormous challenge.

  • Old fashion bicycle

    Old fashion bicycle

    On a recent bike ride, I came across an old fashion cycle looked to a tree, there was no-one around, it is a shame it sits against a tree and mother nature will play havoc with the frame.

  • Stuff broken? Don’t throw it away, in the Netherlands you can join a Repair Cafe

    All over NL Repair Cafes are sprouting. Usually held at neighbourhood centres, here you can bring your broken CD-player, toaster, lamp, fridge. Volunteer technicians will grab the gizmo from you and will – often – fix it. There are people with sewing machines too, to repair clothes etc.

  • Seven Steps for Greening PCs

    Seven Steps for Greening PCs

    PCs and associated peripherals contribute approximately 31 percent of worldwide information and communication technology (ICT) energy use, and many companies would like to pare this down, but don’t know where to start.