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  • How to find a great developer

    How to find a great developer

    Last year I created this new website for selling software, thunderbeardesign.com, initially I did all the work of setting up and developing plugins. The site needs a lots of work, and I needed someone to code new features, as I spend more time on running the website then getting time for coding new functionality or fixing […]

  • Why you would need WebOps

    Why you would need WebOps

    The WebOps role is to work alongside the development team to build software services that are easy to deploy, operate, scale and are secure. WebOps get to work in all areas of infrastructure, naturally progress further in areas of interest, while still gaining a broader knowledge across the spectrum.

  • How to work with RESTful Services in CodeIgniter 3.x

    How to work with RESTful Services in CodeIgniter 3.x

    With the new release of CodeIgniter 3.0, one of the powerful add-on features to Codeigniter is the RESTful API server and client libraries. I will explain in this article how I use the Yggdrasil Codeigniter 3.x repo to create a RESTful API for your web applications, and demonstrate how to interact with your own API or other […]

  • Quote – raw programming languages

    Nowadays you have developers that use raw programming languages in their project, that slow down contributor because it’s always hard to understand a new project which follows ideas (structure, convention, etc ..) of one developer. Using a framework (even a minimalist one) will break that point.