Successful IT projects are characterized by less bureaucracy

Browsing the latest technology news today, I came across the article IT projects need less complexity not  more governance. I really agree to the findings that are presented in the article – I have come to a similar conclusion after spending decades in the software industry that less bureaucracy and less complexity is the ingredients for a successful project.

I think the following statement summarized everything perfectly,

“Successful projects are characterized by less bureaucracy in governance arrangements and greater focus on outcomes. Where there are more people or committees demanding an ever-increasing volume of reports than there are managers delivering the project, there are bound to be problems. The take-away message is that you should simplify everything about the project, and ensure that the program manager/owner has the responsibility, accountability and authority to get the job done.”

Want to learn more on the subject of what makes a successful project – read this article from Gartner Group – IT projects need less complexity not  more governance.


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