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Are you a WordPress developer, you a few clients and you want to take on more clients, but they’re just isn’t enough time. What do you do?

You are in luck, WP Engine has launched a new Developer Program, with the aim of providing the tools you need to build more sites in less time so you can add more revenue to your bottom line.

WP Engine

Accordingly to WP Engine, the program gives you a free WP Engine Personal plan with unlimited Transferable Installs so you can quickly and easily stage your clients’ WordPress sites and push them to their own account using a simple web form.

Want to save development time? Use WP Engine Copy Site to create site templates and clone common builds, jumpstarting your development. Do you develop a lot of sites for a specific type of business? Create one template and reuse it for each site you launch. Spinning up new WordPress installs with your favorite themes, plugins, permalink settings, and custom code loaded and ready to go is done very quickly.

WP Engine offers a number of other time-saving, revenue-boosting features and tools, too, like one-click staging, automated backups, and Git support—all tools that let you focus on building awesome sites, not on time-wasting server administration. Through the Developer Program, you also have access to a dedicated WP Engine account rep who can help you if your client wants to jump on a call or you get stuck.

Email Invitation

And if your customer doesn’t have a WP Engine hosting account, you can send them an email invitation through our platform. All they have to do is click on a link and sign up, and the site you built for them is ready to go. Plus, WP Engine pays you $200 or 100 percent of the client’s first-month payment (whichever’s higher) for the referral.

You can build your client site on the WP Engine platform and use WP Engine Transferable Installs to stage their sites. When you’re ready to deploy you’ll be able to keep the site on your install, or transfer it to your client’s WP Engine account, all while still maintaining access to the install. And even if your client wants to host the site somewhere else, you can still use your account and all of the WP Engine development tools to stage their site and move it to the host of their choice when you’re done.

The WP Engine Developer Program is a pilot program with only 200 spots available for qualified applicants.



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