Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sat 25 2015

So you want to be a software developer – here’s what I’d learn

by bernt & torsten

Being a software developer is not easy, tools, programming languages are constantly shifting, so what should you do if you want to be a software developer – here’s what I’d learn or improve my skills in 2015.

  1. HTML – the structure of web pages .
  2. CSS – the visual style of web pages
  3. Bootstrap – a “responsive design” tool that helps your websites look great on tablets and phones
  4. jQuery/Ajax – an easy tool for controlling content in the browser
  5. Chrome DevTools – a tool for understanding and debugging websites, right in your browser
  6. JavaScript – the one programming language that all web browsers use
  7. RESTful API – REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It relies on a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications protocol. RESTful applications use HTTP requests to post data (create and/or update), read data (e.g., make queries), and delete data. Thus, REST uses HTTP for all four CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) operations.
  8. Common algorithms – step-by-step recipes for getting things done
  9. Agile – a set of software development principles that focus the design and production of a project on the needs of its users
  10. Github – a version control system for saving and sharing your projects
  11. Either a popular relational database like MySQL or a popular non-relational database like MongoDB
  12. Codeigniter -a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint – Try yggdrasil – pre-packaged with Codeigniter, modular extension, RestfulAPI server extension and a theme based on Bootstrap.
  13. Node.js – an event-driven platform for creating web servers
  14. Express.js – a powerful web development framework
  15. Chai.js or Jasmin.js for testing
  16. Angular.js or React.js are nice-to-haves, though you’d be amazed how much you can accomplish just by using jQuery!

There are a many great resources for learning all of these technologies. You could start with JavaScript Tutorial, Code SchoolCode Academy or Treehouse they all offer a free trial, that will help you know which one you want to go with to get your programming skills.