Setting up CiviCRM with WordPress

If you are in the market for a good constituent Open Source CRM, I recommend CiviCRM. In this blog post I will explain how to install CiviCRM for WordPress. Here are the steps that I followed to install CiviCRM for WordPress.

  1. Download wordpress and install it on your server

  2. Download CiviCRM for WordPress

  3.  Unzip the downloaded civicrm-4.5.2-wordpress zip file

  1. Locate folder that was created after unzipping –civicrm-4.5.2-wordpress – creates a folder named civicrm
Unzipped CiviCRM folder

Unzipped CiviCRM folder

  1. Locate the folder that you installed WordPress

  2. Move your CiviCRM folder that was created when you unzipped to wp-content -> plugins – that creates the civicrm folder


  1. Login to your WordPress admin area, select plugins, you should be able to see the CiviCRM plugin – next activate the CiviCRM plugin by selecting Activate
Activate CiviCRM plugin

Activate CiviCRM plugin

  1. When you have activated the CiviCRM plugin, goto Settings -> CiviCRM Installer


  1. You will probably get an error shown the first time, fill in your database settings, you can either create a new database separate from your wordpress database or you can run wordpress and civicrm on the same database. You also need to create a folder for files – see below


  1. When all your settings are ok, you will get green light, at this point select install


  1. If everything went well you will get a message that tells you that CiviCRM is installed correctly, after that select settings. You will notice that the CiviCRM Installer is gone from settings and a new menu items appears for CiviCRM To start CiviCRM click the CiviCRM link on the menu.


12. You are now ready to start configuring CiviCRM – more on that later in another article.