Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 13 2013

Save Attachments in Gmail to your Google Drive

by bernt & torsten

A new Gmail update will let you view and save attachments directly to Google Drive from within your message. Open a Gmail message with attachments, you will see the attachments as visible previews at the bottom of a message instead of just seeing a list of files with the option to click “preview” (which opens in a separate browser tab), you see a preview within the message itself.

Clicking on the preview brings up a fullscreen view of the file, and you can navigate through several attachments the same way you flip through a photo slideshow.

Within each attachment, you have the option to save an attachment directly to Google Drive. Simply click on the Google Drive icon that appears when you hover over an attachment and choose where to send your attachment.

Here is the Official Blog: Attachments in Gmail, now with the power of Google Drive.