My first look at the Hammerhead bicycle navigation device

The Hammerhead
The Hammerhead

One of the crowdfunded projects that I found worthwhile to fund was the Hammerhead Bicycle Navigation device. Hammerhead is a simple, smart and social navigation platform for bicycles that also includes local route discovery.

Yesterday after several months, I finally got the Hammerhead that I ordered, I had to pay 29 Euros I custom fee to get the shipment. The Hammerhead came in a nice box with the Hammerhead logo printed on the box, a nice touch.

Hammerhead delivery box

I open up the box and found the Hammerhead in a display box with all parts. I look really neat the Hammerhead simple but effective design. With the Hammerhead I got a handlebar mounting device and a USB cable to charge the Hammerhead.

The installation on my bike was very easy, all I needed to do was to attach the mount bracket to my TT handlebar, that was easy.

I downloaded the latest Hammerhead mobile app, the Hammerhead app is available on iTunes and on the Google Play store. When I had the app running on my mobile phone, the recommendation is to update the Hammerhead  Firmware by connecting the Hammerhead device to the mobile app and update the Firmware.

I did that by following this video

which shows how to update the firmware.

To learn the initial turn instructions, I followed this video.

So far everything has been very smooth, I’m now ready to do my first bike ride with my Hammerhead, I let you know how that went.

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