I will soon turn 65 – and I feel good

I will soon turn to be 23725 or 65 – and I feel good, there is a lot left in me and I want to add experience to my article 23360 days old and counting.

Are you tired of all the fuss about improving your health?

I have always been sporty, since childhood, but in the last two years, I have gained 10 kilos. Everything has settled around the stomach.

When I tried to get rid of at least a couple of extra pounds, it did not work at all. It’s been ruined. I agreed with peers that two kilos of pandemic fat seemed to have settled around the waist forever.

Then something happened.

What started the process was the fear of death. I can suggest this as a good starting point to get something done.

I took a look at what I had done differently, I had started eating more sweets, not exercising with them. I read a couple of articles and the risk of getting diabetes 2 in old age is great.

Diabetes 2 is a disease that has a shortened lifespan, and problems with the eyes and feet. I said to myself No I do not want diabetes 2, time to sharpen up.

A long life may not be something to strive for in itself, but I would like to hang on for a while longer.

I want to be a world-famous author of travel novels. I had decided to reduce the sugar. What is a can of soda or a bun worth compared to experiencing good health in the old days? Absolutely nothing.

When I removed sugar from my diet, my weight started to plummet. It was absolutely nothing I took into account.

And it just kept going. The pounds disappeared, I made no other sacrifices. But I rely heavily on some important aids in my new life.

My Aids

A solid mixer, an activity bracelet and really good shoes.

In the mixer, I make a good batch of gazpacho every week. Five vegetables: tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion and garlic. If I were to poke them all in, it would take forever.

But they slip down easily several times a week as soup. Huge organic broccoli is also good as soup in the mixer.

My activity bracelet makes sure I move every hour, and at least 10,000 steps a day.

Five kilos have disappeared, and they all sat around their stomachs. I have suddenly got a waist, and dare to wear tight clothes again.

But most importantly, I’m happy with myself.

Cholesterol, glucose levels and blood pressure are three important values ​​to keep track of as you get older. Cholesterol levels are measured by blood tests in the laboratory. You can take blood sugar and blood pressure yourself at home.

Mortality from heart attacks and strokes has dropped dramatically in recent years. Better treatments for high blood pressure, lipid disorders and blood sugar levels are behind the positive numbers.






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