How to spend you time wisely to select the tools you need

Nowadays there are so many new tools available or coming available and you probably find yourself signing up for these tools online only to abandon it a few weeks later as the tool did not give you what you wanted. How to spend your time wisely to select the tools you need.

Signed up on Facebook but hardly use it?

Signed up for twitter but never tweet?

If you answered yes, you should get rid of the tools that are not working for you in favor of the ones that are – and then start using them. The Tools that work, you should take the time to learn about advanced features, stay on top of new releases, see if they integrate with other tools you use (like your email, accounting software, or browsers). The main focus of your time and efforts is not trying the latest thing, just use the tools that meet your needs and then learn how to use them better.

How do you choose the Right Tools for Your Needs

To get started you should list down your basic needs and then create a “buckets” list of tools (project management tools, networking tools, communication tools, document sharing). Then list how you would use the tools in your job every day. How would it integrate into your current workflow? How would it make your job easier to do? What need or gap is it filling?

Tools are constantly evolving, integrating with other tools to make sharing content easier. When you are looking for a tool, keep in mind that tool integrations, it will save you time so next time you are switching between tools, ask yourself – is there an easier way to do this?

A list of common tools

Below is a list of tools that are commonly used, there as so many tools available, this is just a starting point for you to create the toolset that you need.

Social Media Management

  Tool Description    
    Browser Extensions    
  Chrome thousands of tools in multiple categories to embed in your browser    
  Firefox thousands of tools in multiple categories to embed in your browser    
    Chat & Messaging    
  Gchat video, voice and text chat    
  Skype video, voice and text chat    
    Civic Engagement    
  See Click Fix report neighbourhood issues    
    Collaboration & File Sharing    
  Google Docs hosted document collaboration    
  Dropbox shared file storage    
  Etherpad hosted document collaboration    
  Hackpad hosted document collaboration    
  Yousendit large file delivery    
    Content Delivery    
  Flipboard personalized magazine, iPad only    
    Crowd Funding    
  Kickstarter social project funding    
  Indiegogo social project funding    
  wefunder startup investment    
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)    
  Salesforce cloud-based sales, service, a marketing platform    
  Volunteer Salesforce manage volunteers and volunteer events in Salesforce    
  Salsa crm, communications, event, list management    
  Streak CRM in Gmail    
    Data, Analytics & Visualization    
  Google Analytics website analytics    
  Reportive data exploration & analysis    
  Ushahidi information collection, visualization and interactive mapping    
  Tableau publically accessible and shared data visualizations    
  Headwaters Economics public data source, independent non-partisan research    
    Digital Rights Management    
  Creative Commons copyright licenses    
  Square the mobile credit card reader    
  Mailchimp email list manager    
    Image Manipulation & Sharing    
  Skitch annotate, edit screenshots & images    
  Instagram mobile photo filter & social network    
  Pinterest online pinboard, social network    
  Canva graphic design software in the cloud    
    Presentation Design    
  Haiku Deck presentation generation    
  Prezi cloud-based presentation software    
    Project Management    
  Smartsheet project management software    
  Podio project management software    
    Social Media Management    
  Hootsuite social media dashboard    
  Radian6 social media listening, monitoring & engagement    
  Small Act social media management    
    Task Managers    
  Asana shared task lists for teams    
  Evernote mobile, tablet & desktop note taker    
  Pivotal Tracker agile PM tool for software development    
  Things task manager    
    Website CMS    
  WordPress open source, community driven    
  Drupal open source, community driven    
    Website Development    
  Twitter Bootstrap front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications.    
  GitHub version control for collaborative software development    
    Website Testing    
  Optimizely A/B testing    
  Balsamiq hosted, collaborative wireframing    
  Cacoo hosted, collaborative diagram drawing

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