Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 18 2023

How Does Video Content Help You Improve the Conversion Rates of Your Brand?

by bernt & torsten

Video is a great way to engage customers and website visitors. Videos help people understand a product or service better, hear real customer feedback, or see a specialist in their field break down a particularly difficult topic. Video attracts more visitors to your website, keeps them there for a longer time and increases the likelihood of conversion.

One of the most important indicators for every company is its conversion rate. It’s the percentage of site visitors who buy something—increased sales and revenue result from a high conversion rate.

So, you need video, whether you’re a startup with an online storefront aiming to drive sales or a multibillion-dollar B2B technology company trying to generate more interest in your product offerings.

Techniques for Improving the Video Conversion Success Rate

Here are a few tips for using video content to increase online conversion rates.

Incorporate a Call-To-Action

Many corporate websites have integrated landing page videos that are both entertaining and story-driven. The problem, however, is that most of these landing page videos need an engaging CTA. It is essential to include a compelling call to action (CTA) on the landing page video since this will increase conversions.

The CTA might be shown at the very beginning of the video, at the same conclusion, or anywhere in between. If the video is an engaging introduction, buyers will be more curious to learn about your company.

Add a Custom Thumbnail

When promoting a video, the thumbnail you choose is just as important as the video itself. This is mostly because most people select whether to watch the video after seeing the thumbnail. Therefore, you need to make a fascinating thumbnail that makes people want to watch the full video.

Consider two videos with similar content but different thumbnails. One is a happy human face, while the other is just some basic words explaining the video. Most of us are more inclined to watch the video if its thumbnail features a happy person.

Use the Right Platforms

Posting videos to social media will generate some attention, but such results may only sometimes meet expectations. In the case of an online store, for instance, you may include videos of your products on individual product pages. A similar strategy, including videos in prominent places like the homepage and landing pages, may do wonders for subscription-based businesses.

Make the Right-Length Videos

You need to make videos of varying lengths to post videos to your website and other online platforms. That way, you can see clearly what is helping your consumers and what isn’t.

However, there are situations when there are better options than longer videos. Generally speaking, videos should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long.

Plan Webinars 

Top executives in sales and marketing agree that webinars are a powerful tool for increasing online sales and generating high-quality leads. There is no doubt that webinars are fascinating, and their popularity has risen since the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, if you are not employing webinars, it is time to reconsider your video marketing plan.

Conversion-Boosting Video Types

Depending on your goals, you may make various promotional/marketing videos. While video marketing might seem complicated at first, it’s far easier now than it was in the past. High-quality videos may be shot with a DSLR or iPhone and edited with a free online video editor. Video production has become less cost-effective, and many software tools make it easier to edit a video.

Here are some other sorts of videos you can utilize to increase conversion rates:

Use Video Testimonials to Show Your Skills

One strategy to boost your website’s conversion rate is to make it reliable. A great way to deal with this is to provide testimonials from satisfied customers.

Authenticity is very important here, so don’t be tempted to make the video too “polished” by scripting it or having to shoot it in a studio. Concentrate on metrics, and make sure the story of the customer’s journey makes sense. 

Prepare your interviewers with the questions they’ll be asked and lead them to cover all the important aspects you want in the testimonial.

Ensure your video testimonials are brief and highlight a particular feature or benefit of your goods or services, such as customer service, quality of products, or value provided. You may post video testimonials on your homepage, product pages, and about us page to help buyers locate them.

Product Demonstration Videos

Making videos of your products is a definite method to get noticed. You may steal customers away from your rivals and win more sales by making product videos.

Uploading videos to your website is a great way to demonstrate your goods’ functionality, suitability for various uses, and ease of use. Make sure to edit a video carefully before you post it.

To promote your goods or services, engage your audience, and increase sales, don’t forget to post this kind of video material on various pages of your website.

Use Videos to Connect Consumers to Your Team

You can also utilize videos to give your company a human face by introducing the people behind the scenes. It’s a terrific method to get prospective buyers acquainted with the staff they could interact with.

If you want to reassure potential consumers that they will get stellar service, you may show them behind-the-scenes films of your staff engaging with customers or just having fun on the job. Creating a remote team might also benefit from this approach.

Focus On Generating Engaging Videos

To make the most of what you offer, prospective consumers or clients need to know certain facts, regardless of the specific field your company operates. However, these facts may not be the most intriguing or engaging to read. So, use video content to make these snippets of evidence easier to understand.

A video explaining your return policy, product care instructions, or assembly procedures would be great examples. Not only will this answer frequently asked questions from your clients, but it will also make the most important information easier to find. 

Thus, the videos might provide the crucial information your clients need to decide in favor of your items or services over those of your rivals.

Add Videos on Landing Pages

Adding a video component helps retain visitors’ attention, but text-heavy, long-form landing pages need to be more in style.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the video has to be the only thing on the page. A written explanation of the video’s main elements should be provided for those who would rather read than watch.

On the other hand, the video might act as a quick, captivating introduction while the text conveys further information. The goal is to shorten the amount of time spent reading and to keep the audience interested using visual means.

There are, nevertheless, certain guidelines that should be followed while making videos for a landing page:

-Ensure that they are brief (under 60 seconds)

-Add distinct prompts for action

-Keep things interesting

Final Words

People who want to get their hands on plenty of information fast are increasingly turning to videos. Starting is easy since you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment; a simple interview shot on your smartphone may do wonders for your website. Produce videos that interest your demographic and highlight your company’s strengths by showcasing its goods, introducing its people, and enhancing the readability of its information.