The hidden gems of Osdorp Amsterdam

As you might have figured out from my previous post today, I did not have my bike so I walked to work and back home in the evening.

As we have had summer weather in Amsterdam for the last few days, the greenery of the landscape has intensified. This creates a great opportunity to see peaceful scenarios in Osdorp.

For you that are not familiar with parts of Amsterdam, Osdorp is a neighbourhood of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and part of the borough of Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

Walking back home from work, I walked along the canal that follows the road Plesmanlaan, this takes me all the way home.

Bike Bridge

When I got to the bike/pedestrian bridge after hospital MC Slotervaart, I turned down the pedestrian path close to the canal. This pedestrian path is shielded from Plesmanlaan road and bike path by a strip of trees and bushes and in summer you will not be able to see the beauty that is hidden along the canal from the road/bike path.

Across the canal it’s mostly residential areas, there is one large park to check out.


Walking home I got to see what was there, and in the following pictures, I’m sharing it with you all.








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