Heading home to Amsterdam today

I’m heading home to Amsterdam today. The weather is not the greatest – heavy fog, my actually cycle journey back home will start from the Swedish city of Gothenburg – how I got to Gothenburg is a mystery in itself, that even I do not know. There was some alcohol involved, a send-off party so to say.

I have had a great time in Sweden, I participated in the Stockholm Triathlon – I meet old friends and family. Last night we had a family dinner, after that we went to the cemetery to pay respect to our grandparents, I feel the time is right to get home.

My journey to Amsterdam starts in Gothenburg, I’m taking the ferry over to Frederikshavn in Denmark, on arrival at 11:30 local time in Frederikshavn, I will cycle a brisk 120 km for my first overnight in a B&B. I expect that I will be at the German border in 3 days, heading through Germany towards the city of Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Netherlands will take me another 2 days. My plan is to be home by Thursday the 5th of September. Let’s see how it goes.

The weather is not that great, heavy fog I hope it clears up.

So Long on my way, updates to follow.


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