Have you ever heard about Invisible Employee Syndrome?

In a new research paper, 52% of mid-size organizations suffer from Invisible Employee Syndrome (IES). The impact can be significant: reducing productivity, sapping innovation, undermining competitiveness, negatively impacting morale and increasing attrition.
So what is IES?

IES occurs when companies are proliferating, adding new staff, and frequent organizational changes. Change happens intentionally or unintentionally, as employees ‘go dark’, disappear off the company radar and become selectively invisible inside the organizations.

In such circumstances, poor workforce visibility, suboptimal HR processes, and inadequate communications can contribute to even the best talent feeling at odds, not reaching their full potential and becoming lost.

The new research has revealed that a previously unrecognized malaise, Invisible Employee Syndrome (IES), afflicting many organizations.  The findings are part of a joint ‘Modern Workforce’ survey from HR Grapevine.







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