Torbjorn Zetterlund

Tue 25 2017

Guide on how to use Google Docs app on Android to write an article for my Blog post WordPress

by bernt & torsten

Today I’m covering the topic of how to use Google Docs app on an Android mobile phone to efficiently write an article for my site regardless of where I’m and whenever the inspiration comes on.

This writeup is more of a guide on how you could use Google Docs on your phone, first let’s get started. Do you have Google Docs loaded on your Android phone (this should work on iPhone as well) if you don’t have Google Docs download it from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store.

To get the maximum out of your creativity, you should install the Gboard – the Google Keyboard

For Android. Gboard will enhance your experience with Glide Typing, Voice typing, Search and share anything from Google, Multilingual typing, Google Translate to mention the most useful Gboard features working with Google Docs.

Let’s get started, open up your Google Drive on your mobile phone. You should see something like this.



WordPress Folder in Google Docs

As I’m going to post my articles to my blog, I have created a folder that I store only my WordPress site articles in. That is a good way to organize your articles. It looks something like this.


Create a Google Document

Now let’s create a new document, click on the + sign right bottom corner to open a new document. Next, we can start typing, as you noticed if you have a small screen, typing is not the easiest – you could use Voice typing which you find on the Gboard as seen in this screenshot.


Voice Typing

Voice typing makes it so easy to just talk and say what you have on your mind. Nowadays you don’t need to feel awkward talking into a mobile, everyone does it. A tip uses your headset, and the microphone on your headset, and be in a quiet location.

When you click on the microphone symbol, your screen would look like this.



There is so much you can do to enrich the content you create, you insert a link, image, table, etc. You have a large set of formatting tools available to you.


Search and share anything from Google is a powerful option, in which you can do a search and insert the content result into your document.


Google Translate and Multilingual Typing

What if you need to translate text to your language, that can also be done through the app and insert into your document that you’re working on. Multilingual typing is a powerful way to reach audiences in other languages and with Google Translate you can translate content and insert it into your documents.



You can add an image into your article that you writing in Google Docs:



Extending Google Docs with the Gboard keyboard enhances your content creation, and it’s easy to use, linking all Google content creation services in a simple interface with Google Docs.

You Google Docs for Android syncs seamlessly with the Web, so you can go to the web and open up your document and do edits before you publish. If you are publishing to a WordPress site, then you should read my article Using Google Drive For Collaborative Writing For WordPress

Have you had a chance to try it, what do you think. Feel free to comment below.