I got a pair of Fly Pedals

I not sure about you, I bike around with my road bike with clip-on pedals. I want sometimes to just take my bike to go to the supermarket without using my bike shoes. I can but I just have a very small space on the pedal to put my shoe on to pedal my bike down the road.

Welcome to Fly Pedals, Fly Pedals is a Universal Clipless Platform Adapters, that is a simple, lightweight, and affordable adapter to convert your road or mountain bike for casual riding.

I first heard about Fly Pedals on Kickstarter, Fly Pedals had a crowdsourcing project running, and I sponsored it. A few weeks later, when the project ended on Kickstarter and Fly Pedals was successfully funded and the manufacturing started, I received my green-colored Fly Pedals.

They came in a box, and it was very easy to set up. I had a spare pair of look cleats – and within 5 minutes I had them screwed on to the Fly Pedals.

Now I was ready to try them, you can see from the video below, how I clipped them onto the pedals of my bike.

The Fly Pedals give me that extra space on my pedals so I can use my road bike for running errands around town, going to work. The Fly Pedals are great, I recommend them, no need to get a commuter bike.


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