Google Intranet: G Suite And Intranets Working Together For Enhanced Efficiency

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, is Google’s cloud-based set of collaborative, content-sharing business tools and now it’s possible to use G Suite directly within your intranet. Combining both powerful tools in a single, cloud-based platform offers a number of great benefits, not least of which are enhanced efficiency and productivity. In this article, we look at the enormous potential a Google intranet has to offer your business.

Improved Convenience And Ease Of Use

Embedding a G Suite program directly in your intranet makes it incredibly convenient and easy to use. What’s more, the intranet can provide important contextual information or explanatory notes for users.

So how does it work in practice? Well, let’s say, for example, that a group of staff members is working on a company-wide project such as a new marketing plan. It’s standard practice in most offices for several versions of the document to be sent around following each iteration or draft. But how much valuable time is wasted in your office with employees searching through overloaded email inboxes for the latest draft or commenting on an outdated version of the document? And how labor intensive is it to collate all those comments and suggestions? It’s a convoluted process at best and a massive waste of time and resources at worst.

Using a Google intranet makes for a much more streamlined and efficient process. Embedding the Google Sheet directly in the intranet means that you can provide useful contextual information around the aims and objectives of the new strategy to guide participants and provide a common understanding. In addition, there’s no need to open a link, you simply go to the relevant intranet page and start working directly in the document. What’s more, multiple staff members can be working on the same file simultaneously in real-time and the intranet automatically updates the source document. This means that all staff can have absolute confidence that the latest version is on the intranet. It’s possible, therefore, to do away with the need to send multiple emails with revised drafts and eliminate the possibility for error or confusion by utilizing the combined power of a Google intranet.

And so as well as being convenient and easy to use, the intranet embedded G Suite also means that you are increasing the opportunities for collaboration and joint working across your business.

Remote Access

Another great advantage of embedding the G Suite directly in your intranet is the 24/7 nature of the cloud offering. Staff members can still be working for you even if they’re attending a conference overseas, meeting with a client out of state or working from home. This is a great boost to productivity all round and especially if your business involves staff members spending lots of time away from the office. And so if your company services office equipment, for example, then your field technicians will be able to log into the intranet and use a Google Sheet to confirm when a job has been completed. Once anyone enters new data, the Google Sheet is automatically updated in the cloud and so the next intranet user will be accessing the very latest data. What’s more, the great thing is that other technicians can be doing the very same thing and all at the same time. And at the close of business each day, it’s then possible to create a graph, which will report in a very visual way on all the jobs that were completed on time.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

The ability to find information quickly and easily is, of course, a priority in any business and this is where your Google intranet will make a big difference. You see, unlike conventional searching which takes you to a folder or file, searching on an intranet with an embedded G Suite gives you much more visual search results and presents images as well as text. In addition, it will also include that all-important contextual aspect which makes the search results so much more meaningful and relevant. And so rather than a rather flat, dull presentation of the search results, the Google intranet’s search result is a more engaging and accessible experience for the user.

Easy To Manage

The integrated G Suite intranet platform is also very easy to manage on an ongoing basis. There’s no regular hardware maintenance to factor into budgets and no downtime or backups to worry about. What’s more, the ongoing security of your important company data is taken care of too. The truth is that the security of your data is probably stronger with a cloud option. Both Google and your cloud intranet provider utilize the very latest security features including two-way SSL encryption and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-compliant applications such as Amazon Web Servers. And so keeping on top of online security threats and issues is one major headache that you will never need to worry about again.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to do away with having to house, maintain and upgrade expensive company servers and can also get rid of annoying email exchanges. Just think of how much extra this will contribute to your IT budget that you can spend on other projects instead.

Single Sign On Synchronization

Most people have some form of Google account already – whether it’s for Gmail or Google Drive – and so as well as having a familiar interface that staff members will feel comfortable working in, G Suite also has a single sign-on. This means that G Suite will automatically synchronize across the whole Google offering. And so you’ll be able to get rid of the multiplicity of other systems operating throughout the office and instead concentrate on a single streamlined platform that is easily accessible through your intranet.

Make The Smart Decision

There’s no doubt that cloud computing is the future and having a platform that harnesses the power of G Suite alongside the advantages offered by an intranet makes for an unbeatable combination. Now you may be thinking that Google Sites is a more obvious partner to get the most out of G Suite. And while it’s true that Google Sites can be used to develop an entry-level, simple intranet; the fact is it will not match the comprehensive offering from a dedicated intranet.

And so especially for small to medium-sized enterprises, the possibilities for enhanced efficiency and productivity from a Google intranet are not to be underestimated. Any competitive advantage you can muster, has to be worth investigating, right? Well get in touch with the helpful team at MyHub and find out how easy it is to embed G Suite in your intranet. What’s more, MyHub offers a free demo or no-obligation 14-day trial so take full advantage and get in touch today.





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