Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sun 02 2015

From the Official Google Blog: New changes to Google+

by bernt & torsten

Google has started making changes to how Google+ is working, and they are focused on making Google+ interest-based, with the new features Google+ Collections, where you can share and enjoy posts organized by the topics you care about.

As you might already hear, many elements of Google+ Photos have been moved into the new Google Photos app, and Google is putting location sharing into Hangouts and other apps.

Going forward your Google+ profile is not going to be required to be your identity for all Google products you use. A Google Account is all that you need to share content, create a YouTube channel and more. The Google Account won’t be searchable or followable, unlike public Google+ profiles.

You can find more details on the official blogs

Source: Official Google Blog: Everything in its right place

Source: YouTube will no longer require a Google+ profile