Friday cycle ride from Amsterdam to Dordrecht

It was a great day for cycling, I set out to cycle from Amsterdam to Roosendaal in Southern Netherlands, I was doing a one direction ride which I do on days after a hard workout.

For me, a one direction bike ride is a ride where I go in one direction to a town with a train station, when I reach that town I have a meal and take the train back home.  Today’s ride I was aiming to go to Roosendaal, I did not get there, when I got to Dordrecht I called it a day, I was quite exhausted by this time and needed a big meal before heading home.

I have been down to Dordrecht before, it is about a 100 km ride from Amsterdam, this time I took a different route and came across some amazing roads for cycling that went along rivers, I really enjoyed and pushed hard at times.

I took a few pictures, one of the biggest obstacle I had on the day was when a herd of cows was occupying the area around the bike path I cycle on. I got through without an altercation with any cow.

The ride had two ferry crossings which are a great option to take a breather before getting the cadence going, I took some pictures of the ride which I’m sharing with you.


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