Free business calculators and startup tips and resources

List of free resources available online, what you are looking for, an online calculator that can help you determine if you should build an app or website, what equity you should give new hires, or if you are just into tracking startups.

Below is a list of calculators that can be useful for running your online business

Are you looking to find out about new startups, starting one yourself or looking for funding for your startup? Here are some useful links that can help you on your way.

So you want to work remotely, there are some resources for that as well

  • Founded X Startup Stats: Find the best country to build your startup in
  • Teleport: Startup Cities: Discover and budget your next move to 100+ startup cities.
  • Nomad House: Houses around the world for nomads to live and work together.
  • Workfrom: Coffee, WiFi, and good vibes.



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