Five ways to transform your office from cluttered to clean

Inside the church Oulu Finland
Inside the church Oulu Finland

Spring is here, which means office workers across Canada are getting ready to roll up their sleeves and clear workplace clutter. Not only does the annual chore slim storage cupboards and deep-clean desk drawers, but it also forces companies to rethink admin processes and best practices that ultimately benefit the bottom line. Here are a few tips  on how to clear the clutter, cut costs and keep your company’s carbon footprint in check:

  • Curb consumption: Cut energy costs by consolidating your fax machine, scanner, and printer into a single multifunction device. This cuts down on counter space real estate and device maintenance.
  • Conserve resources: Schedule an annual tech tune-up as a part of your spring cleaning routine to keep equipment running smoothly. Regular service calls maximize product lifecycles, reduce downtime and minimize environmental impact in the long run.
  • Scan and save: Reduce the need for filing cabinets by scanning old documents and archiving digital versions instead. Saving soft-copy files and storing backup disks improves the organization, ensures reliability, and lowers storage fees.
  • Cleanse your corporate culture: Encourage lean-printing behavior by tracking needless color and excessive printing. Use up-to-date devices and implement company-wide printing policies to cut waste, streamline employee usage and benefit the environment.

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