Torbjorn Zetterlund

Thu 13 2017

Enable 2 Step Verification for your G Suite account

by bernt & torsten

Enable a strong authentication for your G Suite Gmail account and keep it safe from hackers and hijackers by adding an additional layer of security.

These instructions assume that 2-factor authentication is enabled on your domain, if not read these instructions – How to enable and enforcing 2FA for G Suite.

Enable 2-Step verification by following the next simple process:

Open Gmail and go to your account settings.

Then go to security. On 2-Step verification click “Settings

Click “Signing in to Google”. Select the 2-Step verification

Click “Get Started”.

You’ll get a text message on your cellphone with a code. Enter the code.

Click “Next”

Click “Turn On”.

You have now finished the setup of 2FA, the next step is that you can set up an alternative 2nd setup steps. On the 2-Step verification main page, you can select the different alternative steps I recommend to do the Authenticator App Setup and the Google Prompt.

Google Authenticator app

On your mobile phone download the Authenticator App from Google Play Store. Select the Authenticator app from the options on the 2-Step Verification page.

Select your type of mobile
Click “Next”

Open your mobile

And start the Authenticator, and press the + at the right bottom and select “Scan a barcode” like this: 

You will get a code, enter that code in the web app, click verify

If everything went correct, you have now set up the authenticator to provide you unique sign-in codes,

I also like to set up the Google Prompt, it will give you a prompt on your mobile when you log in and all you need to do is says yes.

Setup Google Prompt

Select Google Promot from the option on the 2-Factor Verification page

Click next, a prompt shows up on your mobile phone, click yes and you are logged in.


These are the instructions, if your organization have enabled 2-factor authentication on your G Suite domain, and do not enforce 2-factor authentication. If you are a G Suite administrator and want to know how to set up and enforce 2-factor authentication – read this article  How to enable and enforcing 2FA for G Suite.