Torbjorn Zetterlund

Tue 05 2019

eCommerce Mistakes: 17+ Mistakes To Fix Right Now (Infographic)

by bernt & torsten

With the rapidly growing world of online shopping, being aware of the latest trends in eCommerce is very important. This will help you stay ahead of the competition while offering better services to your customers, which will help boost engagement. Apart from knowing about the latest changes and trends, you also need to fix eCommerce mistakes on your website to get that competitive edge. This will ensure that your website is well-optimised for both – users as well as search engines.

The initial mistakes that business owners make when building an online store are choosing the wrong domain name and having no logo. Both of these mistakes make it harder for customers to remember/identify your website. Choosing the wrong eCommerce platform is another mistake, so it is not making your website mobile-friendly. These mistakes could hurt your SEO campaign, which could affect your ROI.

Likewise, there are other eCommerce mistakes that you need to fix if you want your online store to succeed. Thus, to help you identify and fix these mistakes, here is an infographic that can help you out. This infographic has listed the top 17+ mistakes that you need to fix right now.

If these mistakes are not rectified, they can hamper your site’s traffic and impact your site’s ranking on the search result. A mistake like slow website speed can lead to a higher bounce rate, whereas not setting up efficient customer service can make you lose existing customers.

Building and managing an eCommerce website is a tough task, and as such, it pays to research, and glean as much information about it as possible. This will help you build a lucrative online store that drives conversion. Thus, check out the eCommerce mistakes infographic below, and for more details, refer to this in-depth guide.

Common SEO Mistakes Infogrpahic

19 Mistakes To Avoid When Launching An Ecommerce Website [Infographic] by the team at HostingClues.